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I was born and raised in Manchester, Maine where my entire extended family also grew up. Manchester is a small town where all my friends lived. My house was on twenty acres of land, so me and my siblings had lots of space to play and explore!


I grew up with three other siblings, me being the second oldest. My favorite season was always fall because all of the trees in our yard changed color and it was beautiful! 

I grew up playing lots of different sports like field hockey, tennis and basketball! I have always loved art and creating. My first medium was painting; I was in lots of painting classes during most of my schooling. My favorite painter of all time is Claude Monet so I painted a lot of replicas of his work!

Growing up, my mom and aunts loved taking pictures of the family, so my cousins and I were always in pictures with each other, our parents and grandparents! I am grateful for those memories that I will cherish forever. :) I didn’t start getting interested in photography until my senior year of high school when I took a photography class! That year is when I got my own camera and I’ve been taking photos ever since!

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